Curious to know exactly how donations are spent? Here’s where El Roi’s Children funding goes, broken down.

Since 2014, El Roi’s Children’s board and governance committee have worked hard and diligently to ensure all resources entrusted to us are distributed as wisely and efficiently as possible, in order to bring the maximum impact to our ministry partners in Thailand and South Africa.  

We believe education changes lives, families, communities and addresses the cycle of poverty, helping move people towards self-sufficiency.

With your help, today we provide scholarships to 20 school-aged children and two tertiary-level students.

You can view our 2018 expenditure pie chart on our “Where Funds Go” page and below.

Our expenses are minimal because we are currently an entirely volunteer-run organisation. We sincerely thank everyone who gives of their time and money to make this possible.

The Coaster4Kids expense refers to the materials acquired to create and sell the annual Riverside Christian College Christmas fundraiser, “Coasters4Kids” which uses Prep artwork converted into coasters to fundraise for our scholarships program.

Still, we are consistently receiving new requests from students around the world requesting our assistance with scholarships. We ask for you to prayerfully consider supporting us in giving these children (high school and tertiary level) the opportunity for quality education.

All applications are vetted by our partners on the ground, in their countries of residence, and must meet minimum grade and reporting requirements to receive financial aide.

To find out more, email Tim via hello@elroischildren.org

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