As we move further into the second half of our academic year, join with us as we pray for our challenges and celebrate our successes!

1. 10 little successes!

Please continue to keep these 10 Thai children in your prayers. With your help, we have managed to sponsor their schooling for the 2017/18 academic year! If you’d like to pray for them by name, you can find their profiles here on our website.

2. 10 little prayers!

We would like to sponsor 10 more children and need another $3,500 to make this happen! Please pray for us as we look for sponsors. One of our partner schools has had another Free Dress Day to help us with this already. More details will follow as to the number of children sponsored from this event.

3. Speak preview: Coasters4Kids 2017

In early October we will launch our annual Coaster4Kids donation drive. We will hopefully have another seven new sets you can choose from for Christmas (yes, Christmas!) presents. Here are the proofs for the first four sets.

Questions, prayer requests, ideas? Email us at

Tim Goetze and the El Roi’s Children team

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