Patcharamanee Kongkakid (left) with a Mercy Pattaya staff member (right).


Today marks the launch of our El Roi’s Children Inc not-for-profit organisation!

El Roi’s Children partners with ministries in developing countries to protect and assist children and families who are vulnerable and enslaved by poverty.

We want to make a difference by raising awareness, funds and prayer on their behalf and we need your help!

Meet “Patch”

Patch comes from a loving, albeit poverty stricken family. She has three siblings and a father who is a fisherman. Patch is currently in her last year of high school and has always been an A student.

Her dream is to go to university but her family is too poor to pay the fees (approximately 100,000 THB per year—or $4,000 AUD per year).

Can you help?

Yes, you can! This Christmas, you can partner with us to see Patch realise her God-given potential.

Any amount per month or per annum would be gratefully received and passed on to her scholarship fund in full. We will give you regular updates on her progress and let you know the success of this campaign which ends Christmas Day!

You can also help by praying for El Roi’s Children and sharing the news with your online friends after donating by using the hashtag #MerryChristmasPatch and then linking to our campaign!

We understand you have hundreds of charities vying for your attention this season so we truly appreciate any support you can give.

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