About Our Scholarships

El Roi’s Children’s ensures all children in our partner’s care have hope and a future.

We currently have eight children in our scholarship program (six pictured below), all of whom are fully supported by sponsors. But there are many more awaiting help.

Some of these children have not been to school for several years due to lack of finances. Many of the children attend a partner’s centre and are being taught basic subjects in order to catch up with their classmates. Yet some have been absent from school for so long they would need to enter into a lower grade than their peers.

In Thailand, the cost to outfit and send a child to school for an entire year is less than what a Westerner may spend on coffee or eating out. However, by Thai standards, it is an unaffordable luxury that many children never have the privilege of experiencing.

At El Roi’s Children, it is our dream to bring an end to the cycle of poverty, neglect and abuse by giving as many children as possible an education. Your financial support covers everything for each child; fees, uniforms, supplies, breakfast and lunch, project supplies, school outings and even transportation to and from school every day!

Our assistance with all these scholarship students involves our Thai partner doing home visits, communicating with teachers and parents and also managing the finances. Our Thai partner also visits each child at least twice a month at their Kids Club on Saturdays but most of these students visit their centre every week.

They also work with the social welfare department from Pattaya City Hall to acquire all of the paperwork for these children. Without house registration papers and birth certificates it is impossible to enroll the kids in the public schools.

With your help, we’re able to provide education, medical care, uniforms, food and stationery to school-aged children as well as room and board for financially-disadvantaged school-leavers seeking a higher education.

Scholarship Costs*

$470 per year (pre-school)
$493 per year (KG1-KG3)
$540 per year (grade 1)
$657 per year (grades 11-12)
$4,400 per year (university)

*All dollars are in AUD.

Our Scholarship Children

To donate, click on a photo of the student you’d like to sponsor for the 2020/2021 (June to May) school year.

A heartfelt thank you to our 2019/2020 sponsors!

Profile: Bebe, female, 4-years-old. School: Hand to Hand Pre-school. 

Profile: Noah, male, 4-years-old. School: Hand to Hand Pre-school. 

Profile: Phoom, male, 17-years-old. School: Aksorn College, Pattaya. 

Profile: Peanut, male, 9-years-old. School: Ratprachanukrok School 33. 

Profile: Apple, female, 7-years-old. School: Tessabarn Klongthambru School. 

Profile: Raam, male, 8-years-old. School: Pattaya Number 8.