Patcharamanee Kongkakid


You may remember us writing to you about Patch. Here’s an update.

Of all the applicants for nursing to Navamindrahiraj University in the Dusit district of Bangkok, Patch was the student with the second highest marks. What an achievement.

She has now started her orientation!

To date we have raised just over 90% of her uni fees (tuition, board and lodging) for this coming academic year. We have recently made payment for her first semester fees, thanks to the generosity of numerous sponsors who have sent in varying amounts, from $10 upward. Patch will initially do a one year course to become a Nursing Aide whereafter she will work in a government hospital for two years. When she has completed this stint we will again consider sponsoring her for the full General Nursing degree of four years duration.

We wonder whether you would consider supporting Patch until we raise her full fees for this coming academic year? The $4000 annual target amount covers her tuition, and also board and lodging in a very conservative manner. We understand you have worthy charities vying for your attention so we would truly appreciate any extra support you can give. Whether it’s $50, $20, $10 or even $5; every dollar counts.

Don’t forget, you can also help by praying for El Roi’s Children and sharing the news with your online friends after donating by using the hashtag #PatchatUni and then linking to our campaign!


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