Volunteer Ingrid Goetze preparing tins for Riverside Christian College!


Did you know as little as $270 AUD will cover the costs for a pre-school child in Pattaya, Thailand to attend Hand to Hand’s pre-school and day care centre for one year?

With your help, we’ve already changed one life, now your small change can help change another: Introducing El Roi’s Children’s donation tins!

In South Africa: Our partner Tsolofelo Baby Sanctuary is caring for four girls and two boys whose adoption placements did not go well. 

Now aged between nine and 15 years of age the effects of this traumatic experience are beginning to show and the children are demonstrating significant attachment and learning issues.

In Thailand: Ruangkhao, Rarn, Me-O and Moy are just a few four-year-olds who have ended up in Pattaya as economic refugees or asylum seekers. They are, along with numerous other children, vulnerable to human trafficking if they do not attend day care, as many parents who work as menial labourers are forced to leave their children unsupervised during the day.

El Roi’s Children is seeking to raise funds to help Tsolofelo Baby Sunctuary, Mercy Pattaya and Hand to Hand cater to meet the needs of these children.

Order tins to fundraise on our behalf in your home, workplace or church or donate online.

Don’t forget, you can also help by praying for El Roi’s Children and sharing the news with your online friends, by using the hashtag #ElRoisChilren and then linking to our campaign!

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