FaceTime with Patcharamanee Kongkakid


Patch came in to the Mercy Pattaya office to pick up her scholarship fees for Semester 1 from Suky and Liz who are our contacts in the Mercy office.

We took the opportunity to have a ‘FaceTime’ chat with her. What an amazing young lady!

Patch studies about two hours away from home. Like all students leaving home for the first time, she found the separation both exciting and emotionally challenging. This was the case for her parents too – initially they were worried where she would study and what course she would do and were somewhat confused with all the options that she had available to her. They are now very encouraging and got behind her fully for her uni entrance exams. Patch has settled in well to her studies and plans to see her family about once a month or so. We plan to chat to her when we can and when she comes in to the Mercy office to brief them on her progress. We will keep you updated as Patch progresses with her studies.

Patch has also been coming in to the Mercy office to improve her English skills. Being able to converse and correspond in English is a highly sought after skill, which will increase her job prospects and marketability. Patch says she has matured quite a bit since leaving home and enjoys her social and academic interactions. Please pray for her in her studies and that she will find a good group of friends in the course she is busy with. She currently lives and studies on her own in a rented apartment about 10 mins away from the university.

Don’t forget, you can also help by praying for El Roi’s Children and sharing the news with your online friends, by using the hashtag #PatchatUni and then linking to our campaign!

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