Petcharat (Pet) did not have the privilege of attending school. Through the kindness of American missionary friends, home-schooling was made possible to her.

When the missionaries left to return to the United States, with no teacher available to instruct, Pet completed her own studies and also took upon herself the responsibility of educating her siblings at home.

Growing up watching other children in their uniforms going to school also caused Pet to dream about what it might be like to go to a school and have real teachers and make friends outside her immediate family.

pet-3-1 pet-2-1 pet-4-1

Standing outside her new university this dream has been realised. She has now started studying towards a four-year teaching degree. So, to all of you who have contributed to making this possible, a huge thank-you!

We have now helped towards her full fees for Semester 1 for 2017, contributing $2,000. Each semester (another seven to follow) over the next four years we will seek to do the same, so please feel free to continue to support her (#PetatUni).

Pet has also taken a personal loan to add to these fees (for residence costs) and will work towards repaying this loan too. She will also be volunteering some time at Hand to Hand in lieu of our scholarship.

Our hearts sing!

God bless you all.

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