As Semester One draws to a close, we look back on the generosity and progress made for the benefit of our sponsor children, over the last few months. All thanks to you, all glory to God.

1. Riverside raises $6,500!

A recent fundraising drive by the Junior School through a handball-a-thon and obstacle-course has raised $2,214.65 for our Slum Scholarships program!

With this money and other donations received from collection tins we were able to send $6,500 to Thailand to further the education of 10 pre-school children and university student, Pet. Riverside Christian College, you’re amazing!

2. C3 Church Darwin donates $600!

We also celebrate the recent contribution of $600 from Darwin’s C3 Church towards Pet’s university fees! May God bless you abundantly.

3. Pet finishes Semester One strong

Pet has finished her first Semester at uni with four As and two B+ results! According to friends, who she has seen during the holiday break, she is “a bundle of confidence and happiness.”

During the holidays Pet will do some volunteer work at Hand to Hand (the pre-school where we sponsor 10 children).

4. Pray for provision

We would like to sponsor 10 more children this academic year and need another $3,500 to help make this happen! Please pray for us as we look for sponsors. Has God put Thailand on your heart?

5. Spotlight on Walmer Township

Board member Ashley, with her husband Ben, recently visited a township (slum) kindergarten in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. They have a holey (leaky) roof and we would love to help them fix this. We need $2,000 for this purpose. Can you help?

Questions, prayer requests, ideas? Email us at hello@elroischildren.org


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